Helps improve your golf game.

GolfMeister is a program used to record and analyze golf scores. It keeps statistics on such things as greens in regulation, drives in fairway, eagles, birdies etc.

GolfMeister also allows you to print out various reports on items entered. It can print a course listing, a round listing (complete and by course) and various copies of the cards entered and calculated.

As GolfMeister is no longer under active development, we are posting a user id and serial number to unlock GolfMeister for anyone who still wishes to use it.

User ID: GolfMeister
Serial Number: 664-674-124


GolfMeister 3.5.3 (590K) - December 9, 2004
- Runs on PPC Macintoshes
- Requires either a PowerPC Mac or an Intel Mac that is running Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier (as it contains Rosetta, the PPC emulator)

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